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Lewis Booij

Copywriter | Content & Concept Strategy | Neuroscience for Business Researcher - Booij Copywriting & The Essential Experts

Back in elementary school, teachers always talked about my classroom - we were noisy, unmanageable, and - we were only 10. They had a hard time dealing with our lack of interest. Except for one teacher, his name was Martin.

Just like every kid in school at that age, my classmates and I would lose our focus throughout the day. But instead of clapping his hands or yelling at us when we became distracted, Martin took a different approach. He would tell us a story to capture our attention and get us back on track. Some of them were so impactful that I still remember them until this day.

Martin wasn’t only capturing our attention - we also felt more connected to him with each story he told. That’s how he managed to engage each and every single one of us. Every time a story ended, we wanted to hear another.

Often when I write and create content, I think of Martin and how he connected with his ''audience''.

If your copy is written in a way that resonates with your audience, you will engage them infinitely more. If you can evoke real emotions in people, they will always remember you and your business. You’ll leave them wanting more.

Why? Neuroscientific research shows that 97% of the decisions people make are based on their emotions. Not "logic" or how good your offer is.

This brings me to the course and why effective leadership communication is so vital in an organization. Let’s dive into it.

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